Organising Mail-art exhibitions:
1981-82 'Show me the way to your star', Delft/Rijswijk (catalogue Care 6)
1983-85 'The Frittenshow', Delft/Den Haag
(now in collection Antwerp)
1985 'Afzet 3 dimensional', Amsterdam,    >see archive
de Schottenburgh.
1985 'Trace' together with José Van den Broucke, Rijswijk, Galerie Arti-Shock.
1985 'Arts for Arts sake', together with Martin Helm, Arnhem, Gele Rijder.
1985 'Nouveau Nihilists in the Schottenburgh', Amsterdam. >see archive
1986 'The No-Show', Nouveau Nihilistische video's en performance,
Den Haag, Kijkhuis.
1986 joining Anna Banana,
Den Haag, Kijkhuis.
1984 'Show me the way to your star',
shown in New York, Darinka.