In the years following the lustrum of Afzet I had a part of my house cleared,
a space of 3 x 3 m.,
where I invited artists to create an installation.

This window-gallery was named ‘So-called’. It lasted from 1985 until 1990 when the area had to be prepared for renovation.

From the many installations photo’s, films and video’s were made.

Amongst those who came to exhibit were:
Martin Helm, Kees van Kesteren, Thom Nelissen, Let Bijkersma,
Marjolein Wartena, Marianne Burgers en Peter Dejong, Arno Arts,
Nouveau Nihilisten, Pim Felen, Sonja van der Burg, Mark Bloch (P.A.N.),
Harry Fox, Sjoerd Paridaen, José VandenBroucke, Ko de Jonge, Paul Hoskin, Waclaw Ropiecki, Peter Küsterman, Pink Fungus, Marijke Verhoef, Rinné Mervel, Hennie Kamphuizen, Len ‘t Hoen, Jessie Rahman, Fruitfeast.